marzo 28, 2005

You Know You're Ecuadorian When...

You consider "arroz" one of the major food groups.

You smell "chuletas o pernil" cooking in your house from down the block.

You have "tropical, fioravantti, y cola manzana" in the refrigerator

You know what zhumir is.

As a child, you were afraid of "EL Cuco".

Either your uncle or your father has more kids than fingers.

People never guess where you're from.

You use nana in your vocabulary

Your man or your girl calls you "Mija or Mijo"

The word "vacilar" means 2 different things to you

You say "vamos de farras" when goin' partying

You love rock en espanol

You love soccer, even though your favorite team lost


You're proud to be Ecuadorian - and you pass these jokes on to all your Ecuadorian friends!

Encontrado por ahí.


Idealismo: Asunto que requiere tiempo y energía. Yo no tengo.

Al momento

  • Fragile Things, N. Gaiman